Prenatal Testing Services

Our paternity testing services are always court admissible, always concierge, and always discreet.

Our paternity testing services include: Standard Trio Paternity, Motherless Paternity Testing, and Non-Invasive Prenatal.

Standard Trio Paternity

Participants for a standard paternity test, called a trio, are the mother, child and alleged father. The mother’s participation is always encouraged in a paternity test because we can identify the DNA she passed along to the child, with the remaining DNA to be contributed by the biological father.  The average Combined Paternity Index (CPI) of a trio is 1 million, while the average CPI of a motherless case is only 10,000.

A trio paternity test provides the strongest case for use in the courts, where the mother’s involvement is preferred and sometimes required.

Motherless Paternity Testing

Because DNA testing is so powerful, paternity can be determined even when the mother is unwilling or unavailable to be tested. If the mother is unwilling to be tested but can accompany the child to the collection, request that she provide consent for the minor child. Her signature and consent gives her access to the case with questions or concerns, a copy of the paternity results, and a full chain of custody, if requested.

Although it is possible to determine paternity without the mother, there are unique situations in which the laboratory may require the mother’s sample to be collected. These situations include (but are not limited to) cases with alleged fathers who share a close biological relationship.